Quality does not cost – it pays

Side 1 Only 0.016 EUR for each sanded door –It doesn’t get any cheaper!

In 2011 one of the biggest manufacturer of doors in Europe expanded their production with a new sanding machine from Heesemann with Flex Trim strips. They already had a Uni- sander with 2 angled drums and lacquering equipment from Venjakob, so Flex Trim was not unknown to them.

The customer

Being one of the biggest and most efficient manufacturers of doors in Europe the customer delivers a lot of different types of doors with various profiles and in different colors. The goal of the new line of production is to obtain a production of 1.000.000 doors per year.

Today they produce 13.000 doors weekly and the flow rate is 30 me- ters per minute. They expect to increase that to 40 meters per min- ute.
The customer did not get the requested quality on the edges with the existing wide belt sander and therefore they invested in a sander with Flex Trim brushes from Heesemann. In addition to that a consistent sanding of the doors was secured regardless that the doors can vary in thickness.

Flex Trim A/S visited the customer at the beginning of December 2010 and recommended that they removed half of the brushes from the machine and thereby reducing the costs by 50%. Flex Trim visited the customer again at the end of January and established together with the customer that the life time of the abrasives presumably will be around 4 months in other words 0.024 EUR for each door. But the life time of the abrasives turned out to be even longer –6 months, which leads to a price of 0,016 EUR for the sanding of each door. It does not get any cheaper! Flex Trim A/S and the customer are of course very enthusiastic about the results and the cooperation.

To begin with the Unisander will be used for the sanding of special products. The customer has new series in the pipeline which are ex- pected to lead to an increase in the turnover and a new production line, which the Unisander will be part of.

Advantages for the customer

First of all the new solution from Flex Trim, Heesemann and UniSand- ing complies with the requests of the customer which are a more efficient and consistent production, longer life time of abrasives and a better sanding quality.

As already mentioned the Flex Trim brushes have a very long lifetime which leads to a very low price for each sanding of the doors. The brushes also secure a minimum of down time in the production and guarantee a consistent sanding of the doors regardless of the thick- ness of the units.

With yet another successful solution Flex Trim has once again proved that they are true to their slogan:

”Quality –not only on the surface”