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Why should you choose Flex Trim over the competition?

At Flex Trim we are always searching for new and better sanding solutions. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure we have access to the latest sanding products on the market.


Our sanding systems can be installed in almost any machine equipped with a shaft and a frequency-controlled motor. This allows for installation of our low speed sanding system, which creates a more even, controlled sanding. Using an O-ring in the sanding heads allows replacement of sanding brushes without dismantling the sanding head and shaft, saving you valuable production time.

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Knowledge, quality, and life of abrasives.


Our products are flexible and adaptable to any sanding machine in existing production facilities.
Flex Trim sanding heads can be manufactured in exactly the diameter and length you need, with a variety of sanding media and brush height and cut sizes available.


You can find Flex Trim abrasives on Opti-Sand™, Motimac™, Heesman™, Viet™, Superfici DMC™, Weber™, Soest™, and many more. We work to actively develop the best sanding solutions for our customers.


We only succeed when you succeed.

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Flex Trim USA has been a leader in brush sanding technology for nearly two decades. We offer a complete solution for your project, from the beginning of your grit sequence to end polishing. We know you are looking for optimal and efficient sanding results from your brush sanding system. We have achieved and maintained patents and authorizations to ensure you receive high-quality sanding results, time after time.