Inclined grooves

Sanding of vertical edges Test of Sanding Brushes
directly on the lacquer line – Big savings potential

One of the very expensive operations in a production is to take pieces off the line to treat the edges – just to put them back on the line. With the new solution Flex Trim will in some cases be able to avoid this. We can sand the vertical edges in the lacquering line. It has taken a long time to find the solution, but now we are ready.

Modexa AB – Kitchen Makeover – Sweden

In many years the Swedish company Modexa has been struggling with a lot of edge sanding, so some years ago they called us to see if we had a solution. They bought a FlexSander 100-100 for the woodsanding and after sending their pieces through their Fladder Gyro, the surface was fine, but they still had to take off the pieces to do some manual work in the following process. They contacted Flex Trim A/S with this problem a long time ago, but we did not have a solution. Still, we did not forget about their problem and we realized how expensive this process is in many companies – so we started developing.

In December last year we presented our idea and they accepted. The result! Today they have no manual work on their edges. The parts stay on the line from the start to the end.

Hanstholm Kitchen – Denmark

The Danish kitchen manufacturer Hanstholm Kitchen bought a UniSander many years ago, and they have actually always been very happy with the machine. Lately they have started with new designs and new models, which gave them some problems. They could not sand enough in the profiles, so they had to use an awful lot of time on manual handsanding.

We introduced the new cores for them, and agreed to install them in their UniSander. The result! Today they have minimized the handsanding with more than 30%, and the remaining handsanding is done much, much faster. Hanstholm Kitchen will always have some handsanding due to the complexity of their program.

TMK (TVIS Kitchens) – Denmark

Also at TMK they had difficulties in reaching the quality they wished on their kitchen fronts. Even though they are having more brushsanders in the line, the sanding did not come out as smooth as they would like it to be. In other words, the sanding was not aggressive enough. They visited Flex Trim A/S, and we made a test together in our showroom. The result was good. They decided to equip their Fladder sander with the new inclined brushes, and today they are using this machine for sanding the raw pieces but also for lacquer sanding. The result! Now TMK are getting the quality they were looking for even with a finer grit.