Depending on material, sanding can be a very complex process. Flex Trim has decades of experience manufacturing sanding brush heads for all kinds of jobs. Our hubs can be manufactured in exactly the diameter and length you need and are specifically designed to allow for easy changeout of sanding segments.


Flex Trim sanding cores are typically produced in POM to stand up to most strong chemicals but are also available in aluminum. Flexibility is a key to our concept, so our modular construction allows for almost any length.


Our patented disk head designs are suitable for almost any kind of sanding, and the angled design kicks out dust from your surface and ensures uniform sanding — even on an edge.


Flex Trim profile heads are developed to make edge sanding as easy as possible, right from the start. Often used on CNC machines, single-end, and double-end tenoners, our profile sanding heads are flexible enough for any contour sanding project.