Abrasive Strips

From paper sanding disks to horsehair sanding brushes, Flex Trim has the right sanding abrasives for your next project. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure we always have the most innovative and high-quality products.


Our sanding strips are designed with a range of abrasives and sanding brushes including plant fibers, horsehair, pig hair, and synthetic fibers. Additionally, Flex Trim is proud to be the only manufacturer on the market to offer wire brush inserts. All our sanding brushes are easy to remove or replace with our O-ring system.


Our brushes also fit nearly any hub or track on the market. If our brushes don’t fit your existing machine, we can make a hub to fit. No matter the material, we have a sanding abrasive option to get the job done with the precision and quality you’re looking for.

CORA Strips
Eco-Flex Strips
Ceramic Strips
Diamond Strips
Lite Strips

Flex Trim Abrasive Line:


Our top of the line abrasive offers the longest guaranteed life on the market.  The Flex Trim Abrasive is offered in Special Flex Trim Blend Cora A/O, Ceramic, Ceramic/Zirconium Blend, Silicon Carbide, Non-Woven, Vitex™ A/O, Deer A/O, and Diamond. Grits available range from 40-3000. Standard Trim height’s available are 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, & 55mm.  Standard finger widths are 4.5mm, 6.7mm, 20mm, and no cut. The Flex Trim Brush is available with a Tampico, natural black fiber, Poly Blend, pig hair, or horse hair Support brush.

Flex Lite Trim:


Flex Lite Trim is based on traditional principles, which means the sanding brush is delivered as a complete part with the abrasive glued to the plastic socket of the brush. Lite Sand comes in either Vitex™ A/O, or Silicon Carbide.  Standard trim heights are 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, and 70mm.  Standard finger widths are 4mm, 7mm, and 20mm.  Standard grits available range from 80-400. Support brushes are available in Tampico fiber.



Eco-Flex is a low-price alternative to what you see on the market today.  Eco-Flex is for the customer who has high consumption and needs and affordable price. The system fits most existing hubs on the market. Eco-Flex Standard trim heights available are 30mm,45mm, & 55mm. Eco-Flex is available in two abrasives, Aluminum oxide and Silicon Carbide. Available grits are 120,150,180,220, &320. Standard finger widths are 5mm,7mm, & 20mm. Eco-Flex is sold in minimum quantities per part number.

Flex Structuring:


Flex Trim is proud to be the only manufacturer on the market to offer wire brush inserts.  No longer do you need to have a heavy wire brush hub that takes two employees to change.  With our system, you pull the O-ring and replace your sanding strips with wire brush inserts.  Our wire brushes get long life, and a better wire brush look than others on the market.