After testing different sanding brushes one of our big Test of Sanding Brushes
customers have improved their lifetime of their tools by more than 100% using Flex-Trim sanding brushes.

From specigal applications to main production lines

In sanding brushes and invited another supplier to test against their sanding brush suppliers for their main production lines.
Until then Flex Trim had been supplying this customer only with heads and strips for a number of ‘special’ applications such as Disc Sanders for double end tenoneers. It was decided to allow Flex Trim to join the test as well, even though list prices per meter brush were significantly higher than any of the other suppliers in the test.

Longer lifetime on the brushes

Flex Trim and a low cost brand were mounted on several machines in the production, Venjakob, RobaTech, RobaBig, FlexSander 100 etc.

One example of the tests was made on a RobaBig with 2 pcs 1550mm drums (each 48 brushes) and 2 pcs 1420 drums (each 48 brushes).

–  Flex Trim brushes were mounted in early June. In early November they were removed (not fully worn out).
–  The low cost product was mounted early November, mid December 50% strips needed to be replaced.
–  The current supplier at that time replaced 50% of all the sanding brushes every 2 weeks.

This resulted in the following estimated stand time:


* As opposed to the competing brands, Flex Trim only equipped half number of strips in the machines, and no support brushes were needed either.

2 years agreement with service-agreement

Having achieved both a good sanding quality as well as savings on sanding brushes, the customer decided to make a supplier agreement with Flex Trim A/S.
It is crucial, for maintaining long lifetime and high quality that the Flex Trim brushes are used correctly. That is why a part of the agreement with Flex Trim includes ongoing training of new staff members –also on the evening and night shifts. Besides, Flex Trim guarantees that the customer never runs out of sanding brushes in order to make sure that production never will be stopped or delayed due to missing equipment.

Other benefits for the customer:

Less scrap and re-work
More efficient work process
More uniform quality

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