Deburring and edge-rounding after laser cutting

Danish producer of fertiliser- and salt spreaders: Improved deburring, improved finish and more efficient production, thru a solution from Flex Trim A/S

The Danish manufacture of fertiliser- & salt spreaders, Bog- Balle A/S, had big problem with deburring and rounding of their edges after laser-cutting. At the same time they were searching for a solution which could improve their finish. After trying many different alternatives both manual and automatic, they were recommended to contact Flex Trim A/S and thru tight cooperation we made a solution which solved all their problems and as an extra benefit removed all manual sanding

The customer:

BOGBALLE A/S is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of fertiliser-spreaders. Today BOGBALLE A/S is owned by the 4th generations, who have continued to maintain the original family traditions. Bogballe has high tech production, development and test facilities at our disposal as well as one of Europe’s largest and most advanced test halls.

The task:

The spreaders made by Bogballe are working in an environment which places great demands on the paintwork. If the paintwork isn’t perfect it might cause rust-problems for the customers. Therefore it is critical for Bogballe that the deburring and edge-rounding is perfect, at the same time they need the best possible adhesion on the sur- face.
To obtain a guarantee from their supplier of powder-lacquer they should achieve a stabile edge-rounding of 0,8mm.
When they contacted Flex Trim they had tried almost everything – both automatic and manual solution – and they were about to give up. No one was able delver so large and stabile rounding as required to obtain the guarantee.

The solution

Flex Trim A / S was invited to take a look at the task. After running a few test it was easy to determine that it was not a problem to make a deburring and a edge-rounding which was even far above the demands which was made from the powder-lacquer supplier.

The only remaining problem was that the machine did not exist! Fortunately, both Bogballe and Flex Trim are innovative and solution- oriented firms so together a machine which could solve the tasks were designed and manufactured.

Today Bogballe sends all their laser-cutted items thru the machine and they have a stabile edge-rounding of 1.2 mm.
The machine runs on average 5.5 to 6 hours per day, and in spite of the strong deburring and big rounding, they still have a lifetime on the sandingstrips of 3 months in average – which is equivalent to a price of DKK 21,77€ per day or 3,63 € per hour.

Benefits for Bogballe:

The solution from Flex Trim has provided the following benefits: – Warranty from the powder-lacquer supplier.

– Big improvement in quality – Big financial savings
– Big time savings

Once again, the implementation of an abrasive solution from Flex Trim resulted in a significantly improved surface quality and customer value.