The new collaborative robots are perfect for sanding. Therefore, we introduce the new iSAND COBOT by Flex Trim.

The iSAND COBOT is a versatile solution which can be integrated with and mounted on all major cobot brands.

The iSAND COBOT is a separate tool, so it works together with cobots but controlled individually.

The iSAND COBOT comes both as a pneumatic solution and as an electrical version.

The flange can be made to fit most cobots on the market so the iSAND COBOT can be used both on new and old cobots.

Together with Flex Trim’s sanding system you can work on all products such as composite, metal, plastic, wood etc.

The iSAND COBOT can be mounted with both a tradi­tional sanding drum and a sanding disc depending on the application.


Working drum: 100 mm
Working disc: Ø125 mm or Ø180mm
Weight drum: 4 kg
Weight disc: 3,5 kg



Motor: Pneumatic 6-7 bar
RPM: 100-600 (reduced from 1300 rpm)
Dust Extraction: 1 X Ø40mm Port