FlexSander 50 is a hand machine developed by Flex Trim and is an alternative to existing industrial hand sanders. It is useful for sanding of both flat items and items with profiles and edges of 5-10 mm radius.

The pneumatic FlexSander 50 has adjustable speed. Controlling the speed not only extends the life of the sanding media, but also ensures a better sanding result.

The machine is mounted with a dust hood which can be attached to any kind of vacuum system.

FlexSander 50 is very easy to use and is without vibrations, which means that the operator will get no problems with aching arms, shoulders and wrists.

FlexSander 50 can be mounted with different types of sanding heads.

The tilt ranges from vertical through horizontal.


Motor: 1 x 0,33 kW
RPM: 250 – 2000rpm
Disc head : Disc Ø50 hole | Traditional Ø40 hole
Weight: 1.4 kg Machine without tools