Surface sanding on profiled doors in through feed

Optimized manufacturing procedure and improved sanding result in Sweden

Leading Swedish kitchen manufacturer has obtained significant production improvement with solutions from Flex Trim.
Besides a simplified manufacturing process the results are cost savings and improved sanding quality. 

The customer

On the Swedish market Flex Trim has worked out solutions for one of the leading kitchen manufactures, which sells its products word wide. The customer is acknowledged on a high level within its business and has received a number of first-class honors –among others for “The Best Kitchen of the Year”presented by the design- and interior magazine Residence.

The customer works especially with massive wood.

The task

The customer was not satisfied with the sanding results after using their sanding machines at that time. The problem was especially about small holes in the ash wood, but all things considered the customer wanted a better sanding on all materials. For that reason they had started to check out different sanding solutions by contacting different suppliers.

The solution


The customer went to Denmark to visit Flex Trim, where a test sanding was carried out. The customer was very excited after seeing the result and placed an order right away of 12 sanding heads for one of their existing machines placed in the spray-painting line. At the same time an agreement with Flex Trim was signed about installation on the machine.


Flex Trim installed the sanding heads on the customer’s existing machine. The sanding heads were equipped with Flex Trim sanding strips, brush height 55 mm and grit size 280.
The installation was carried out late in the evening not to interrupt the customer’s production. Early the next morning the machine was ready to go into operation and Flex Trim was ready to introduce the machine and give instructions how to use it.

The result

The solution from Flex Trim resulted in an obviously improved sanding quality and an optimized manufacturing process at the same time. The customer had so far used a wide belt sander in the intermediate sanding. Now the customer could go without this machine. In addition the previous hand sanding was no longer necessary, which is a significant change.

From an economical point of view the customer first of all has saved an otherwise expected machine investment at a price up to SEK 1 million. (App. USD 155.000 or EUR 110.000). This must be considered as a great saving obtained just by replacement of sanding system.

Further solutions

The new solution from Flex Trim has lead to that the customer has implemented further sanding solutions from Flex Trim afterwards. Among others Flex Trim has delivered a sanding solution for the customer’s oil painting line with sanding heads and sanding strips, where the sanding materials are a combination of horsehair and leather.

Additionally the customer has replaced a cleaning brush on a belt sander to a Flex Trim sanding brush, bought sanding heads for an existing edge sander, sanding heads for CNC machines and further 6 sanding heads for a brush sanding machine. Since then the customer also has invested in a FlexSander 100 with Flex Trim special combined sanding head.

Benefits for the customer

Improved end result:

With the new solution from Flex Trim the customer first of all has obtained an improved sanding quality and with this an improved end result and a uniformed quality of their products.

Optimized processing:

Additionally the customer has obtained a simplified and optimized manufacturing process with a reduction in the number of machines and no hand sanding.

Cost savings:

Just by replacement of sanding system the customer has obtained the sanding quality as desired without investment in new machines, which is a significant cost saving.

Quality – not only on the surface

Flex Trim has not only delivered a solution with high quality products, but also performed a high level of service.
The customer’s manufacturing process has been gone completely trough to find the optimum solution and Flex Trim has been flexible about the installation to avoid interrupting the customer’s production. That is why Flex Trim lives up to its slogan:

”Quality, not only the surface”!