Hobro Laserteknik


Hobro Laserteknik A/S is a Danish company which mainly do subcontracting work.

The company was established in 2007 and since the beginning the company has always focused on having ultramodern and competitive machinery.

In the beginning the main part was for a big local agricultural ma- chine manufacturer but as things developed this was changing. Today Hobro Laserteknik A/S primarily produces products to customers who deliver products and constructions for the food and the pharmaceutical industries all over the world. This change also resulted in increased requirements to the products from Hobro Laserteknik A/S. One of the most important requirements is the cleanability and the hygiene. Therefore, in 2010, Hobro Laserteknik A/S decided to invest in a sanding machine for deburring from Costa. The company has never regretted this investment.

Today this machine has become very important for Hobro Lasertek- nik A/S. Among other things the machine has been equipped with sanding brushes in rotating discs from Flex Trim A/S. The sanding brushes are deburring and rounding the edges uniformly after the laser cutting.

For the moment Hobro Laserteknik A/S is producing about 95% in stainless and about 5% in aluminium and iron. Almost ALL items are running in the machine which also means that the machine is running 8-10 hours each day. In 2013 Hobro Laserteknik A/S switched the sanding brushes in the machine every second month. That meant that the price per running hour for deburring was be- low 0,66€.

Earlier Hobro Laserteknik A/S was deburring as little as possible and the things that were to be deburred were done manually. So not only was deburring now done considerably cheaper, but it was also a much better quality and extra service for the customers.

It is not only the machines from Costa that can give you the ad- vantages of Flex Trim’s sanding system. Flex Trim’s sanding system ts a lot of sanding and deburring machines, also existing ones. Using Flex Trim’s system you will typically get considerably better deburring and rounding than from any existing tools.

Please contact us, and we can discuss how we can improve your sanding solutions.