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Why should you choose Flex Trim / Napoleon USA over the competition?

Knowledge, quality, and life of abrasives.

At Flex Trim USA we pride ourselves in being brush people. We do not design machines, we leave that to the professionals, like how the largest machine manufacturers leave brushes to us.  Unlike others who produce machines and brushes, our expertise is in creating the very best sanding brush solutions on the market.  Our brushes are featured on some of the largest manufacturers on the market.  You can find Flex Trim Abrasives on Opti-Sand™, Larick™, Timesavers™, Heesman™, Viet™, Superfici DMC™, Weber™, Soest™, and many more. Our brushes also fit nearly any hub or track on the market. If our brushes do not fit your existing machine, we can make a hub to fit. We guarantee your machine will perform better, and cost less to run with our system. No one on the market can offer the same amount of knowledge as we can.

Combine our brush knowledge with the quality abrasives and knowledge of Napoleon, and we can find a complete solution for your factory. We have found when you can control all the variables, you get the best results. Our paper and film backed discs outperform most on the market, at a lower price. No one can match the quality of our Patented Combi-Lux film and paper combination belt. Our belts are proudly featured on Viet Sanding machines.

We only succeed when you succeed. 

Why We Partnered:

Flex Trim USA has been the leader in brush sanding in the United States of America since the early 2000’s. In this time while offering solutions to the top manufacturer’s we saw a need to help solve the issues at the beginning of the line, not just the end where our brushes are typically used. This is where Napoleon’s top of the line sanding belts and discs come in. With our partnership, we can offer you a complete solution form one source, helping keep your costs down and profits high.