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800 Sander Series

The 800 Series machine will brush sand and/or wire brush parts up to 49 inches wide. It has two spindles which will accommodate sanding or wire brushes up to 14 inch diameter and 50 inches long. It has a fixed height conveyor and accommodates parts up to 6 inches thick.

The spindles are belt driven with full power down to 500 RPM. Speed and direction is controlled with a touchscreen. Motor load is displayed on the touchscreen. For optimal sanding, each spindle may be angled 5 degrees.

  • Inverters control the feed rate and the spindles’ speed and rotational direction.
  • Load meters aid setup and maintain consistent results
  • Large sanding and wire brush diameters deliver better results.
  • Sanding brushes may be angled to provide optimum sanding.


Spindle Motors: 2, 3, 5, 7.5 or 10HP 3ph


  • Model 822: 208-240V 1 or 3ph 50-60hz
  • Model 824: 400-480V 3ph 50-60hz

Variable Speed: AC Inverter, 200-1200rpm

Spindles: 1.25” Dia.

Conveyor: 49 inch wide, 4-40 ft/min

Conveyor Motor: 1.5 HP

VerticalTravel: 6”

Footprint: 70” Wide, 78” Long

Dust Collection: (6) 5” round, 550cfm each (some ports may be plugged with limited dust collection)