Flex Trim

The Pioneer who seeks only the perfect.

“This can be done easier – and better”. This thought struck machine joiner Poul Erik Jespersen more than 20 years ago while bending over a hand sanding machine at his work in a furniture factory. The thought developed into an idea and, after eight years of developing the idea became an internationally recognized patented sanding system which today is sold all over the world.

It all began with sanding solutions to the wood industry but Poul Erik Jespersen was aware that also other industries had similar problems with sanding solutions. That is why our sanding solutions are also developed to the metal and composite industry.

The sanding system can be installed in almost any machine if the machine is equipped with a shaft and a frequency controlled motor which is essential for achieving the correct speed. This means that the customer normally can use existing machines thus avoiding investments in new machinery.

Only by making the perfect even more perfect, the company can obtain its position as a market leader. Therefore, the pioneer and his personnel are constantly searching for new and better solutions. It is all about quality – not only on the surface.

“I had a dream – and pursue it all the way”

When a dream becomes reality, it is important to ensure that it goes on living in the right spirit. Therefore, we have a vision and a mission showing us the way in all our efforts helping our customers. Following our vision and mission, we also pursue the dream of creating unique sanding solutions.

sanding brushes, sanding heads
sanding brushes, sanding heads
sanding brushes, sanding heads

Our Vision/Mission:

Why are we here?
Surface sanding can be done easier and better than by traditional hand sanding.

What do we want?
We want recognition from our customers, dealers and the press for having the most extensive knowledge about surface sanding.

The idea is secured through patents.
To secure the ideas of our unique sanding solutions, we have a whole series of patents and authorizations which we are very proud of because they show that dreams and reality can be maintained for the benefit of our customers who want optimal and efficient sanding results. The customer is ensured getting a product of high quality – not only on the surface – but in all processes, from analyzing the problem till fully completed solution.

How do we do it? (Mission)
We will actively develop, build up and acquire knowledge to develop the best sanding solutions for our customers.
Flex Trim USA has not reached its goals unless our customers succeed. At this point the dream is fulfilled.

Benefits of
Flex Trim products:

  • Our sanding heads can be delivered in exactly the diameter and length our customers need. This makes our products very flexible and adaptable to any machine in the existing production facilities.
  • Using an O-ring in the sanding heads makes it possible to replace sanding brushes without any dismantling of the sanding head and shaft. This means fast conversion of production and valuable production time is saved.
  • Our sanding brushes are available in different brush heights and cut sizes, and we use a variety of different sanding media. All these options make it possible for us to find the best solution for your surface or profile.
  • Flex Trim’s low speed sanding system gives a better sanding and the abrasive lasts longer.