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Flex Trim Abrasive Line:


Our top of the line abrasive offers the longest guaranteed life on the market.  The Flex Trim Abrasive is offered in Special Flex Trim Blend Cora A/O, Ceramic, Ceramic/Zirconium Blend, Silicon Carbide, Non-Woven, Vitex™ A/O, Deer A/O, and Diamond. Grits available range from 40-3000. Standard Trim height’s available are 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, & 55mm.  Standard finger widths are 4.5mm, 6.7mm, 20mm, and no cut. The Flex Trim Brush is available with a Tampico, natural black fiber, Poly Blend, pig hair, or horse hair Support brush.

Flex Lite Trim:


Flex Lite Trim is based on traditional principles, which means the sanding brush is delivered as a complete part with the abrasive glued to the plastic socket of the brush. Lite Sand comes in either Vitex™ A/O, or Silicon Carbide.  Standard trim heights are 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, and 70mm.  Standard finger widths are 4mm, 7mm, and 20mm.  Standard grits available range from 80-400. Support brushes are available in Tampico fiber.



Eco-Flex is a low-price alternative to what you see on the market today.  Eco-Flex is for the customer who has high consumption and needs and affordable price. The system fits most existing hubs on the market. Eco-Flex Standard trim heights available are 30mm,45mm, & 55mm. Eco-Flex is available in two abrasives, Aluminum oxide and Silicon Carbide. Available grits are 120,150,180,220, &320. Standard finger widths are 5mm,7mm, & 20mm. Eco-Flex is sold in minimum quantities per part number.

Flex Structuring:


Flex Trim is proud to be the only manufacturer on the market to offer wire brush inserts.  No longer do you need to have a heavy wire brush hub that takes two employees to change.  With our system, you pull the O-ring and replace your sanding strips with wire brush inserts.  Our wire brushes get long life, and a better wire brush look than others on the market.